6 Jan 2016

NEWS: PANASONIC relaunches their flagship turntable, the SL-1200 from TECHNICS

Return of a titan
After having pulled the plug on its audio brand TECHNICS a few years ago, PANASONIC at this year's Consumer Electronics Show - CES for short - in Las Vegas announced they are going to be launching a new version of the most classic of all turntables - the Technics SL-1200 - in 2016.

Initially there will be a limited run of "Grand Class" SL-1200s, followed by an unlimited supply of "regular" SL-1200s later this year.

The resurgence of vinyl popularity seems too great for Panasonic to pass up, and thusly they decided to work out any kinks the previous models may have had and relaunch it. As such this relic of the past will have a full workover with modern technology, putting it in the high-end of the turntable market.

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