28 Jan 2016

NEWS: New STONE MAGNUM album "Holy Blessings to None" up for download and streaming

The Unholy Doom-Wizards Return

Indiana's prime doom metal overlords Stone Magnum have returned, three years after the release of their previous opus "From Time... To Eternity". The quintet arrives with promises of epic hooks and tales of phenomenal metal music.

Lead singer Nick Hernandez surprised with his powerful vibrato vocals on the group's previous albums, recalling the preachings of one Messiah Marcolin of Candlemass fame. In a similar way Stone Magnum's more than capable guitarists Jim Brucks and Dean Tavernier impressed with exceptionally memorable riffs set to the tight and groovy rhythm section provided by bassist Ben Elliot and the band's drummer Brad Toth, who was in 2014 replaced by Justin Henry from bands such as Borrowed Time and Satan's Hallow.

Stone Magnum, as usual, has handled the entire recording process themselves. At the time of writing "Holy Blessings to None" is a digital only album released by the band itself. It is available for all to hear on the group's Bandcamp (link below) for streaming and pay-what-you-want download.

The album is planned for physical release through RIP Records, though the final artwork and releasedate are yet to be announced.

1. As I Burn Your World to Ash
2. Where There's Perpetual Sadness
3. Signum Crucis
4. Stone Magnum
5. The Illusion of Faith
6. Condemn Thy Flesh to Dust
7. Immurement at Tiefburg
8. Holy Blessings to None

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