26 Jan 2016

Ancient Obliteration: "A Menacing Reality"

Engaging thrashy death from space
One way to stand out is adding uncanny elements, foreign bodies that at first might not feel like they fit. There's always been a fair share of bands or groups with varying types of gimmicks that often serve as placeholders for actual talent or interesting songwriting. Ancient Obliteration, a metal quartet from Canada, is a band that can be said to completely disregard tradition and the conventions of heavy metal. With a handful of released under their belt they're out to prove that alien components aren't principally useless gimmicks.

The strange tendencies found on "A Menacing Reality" takes some getting used to. Though rooted in a rough death-thrash style, there's a lot more going on in their unearthly tunes. They arm themselves with strong and interesting riffs but carve out a small niche in the dark depths of heavy metal with their unorthodox vocal style. They can't escape the nature and sound of their death-thrash origins completely - all aspects of their music prove that to some degree. But the four-man band has found several elicit ways to invoke interest with utter weirdness. Something always seems just a bit off and uncanny when they're thrashing away.

"The Canadians' weirdness is as integrated in their sound as d-beats are in thrash metal..."

Ancient Obliteration's groove demands a slight head nodding during listening. The 10 tracks aren't entirely rich in detail but makes for overall interesting and engaging listening. There's a wholesome flow going on, with their thrashing death ravings recalling bands like Macabre, Nocturnus, Ghoul and occassionally even Gwar in various degrees. The Canadians' weirdness is as integrated in their sound as d-beats are in thrash metal or keyboards in symphonic metal and thus becomes something more than just a gimmick, but instead something that adds depth and substance to the band's music.


Released in 2010 independently

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